Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Complete strangers or friends who cross our ways unexpectedly, call in time of distress, or help out just at the hour of need are sure are considered as angels.

But recently read Frank E. Peretti's books 'This present darkness' and 'Piercing the darkness'. Good novels, fast paced in everyway, but opens your eyes to a new dimension. That you have unseen angels, beside you, encouraging, protecting, and leading you. And then you have lil devils, trying to distract you, and keep you in trouble. ALL THE TIME.

Complacency, Confusion, Hatred, Anger, Despair, Discouragement, Deception, Doubt, Fear,Lust,Jealousy are some of the devils that hover over us. The angels are helpless and bounded, unless the victim,draws strength from the Lord, or some third person is praying for the victim. Then the angels raise their enormous silvery wings, and take the shiny sword and fight the demons.

Though it is a fiction, it sure is scary to know, that you are surrounded by invisible beings. And to know in day to day activities, we could be easily fooled by the devil, IF we are not careful. .......... Discouraged? Confused? Check who's next to you... ;o)

It also, emphasizes the importance of prayer. Praying for your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, people in authority, govt, sick, homeless, orphans, prisoners, destitutes, people you happen to meet or see on the way. Every prayer has its answers, in ways we may never understand. But God is working, always working in the background.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;Psalms 91:11.
Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?Heb 1:14


Nebeula said...

The book visualises them as :- devils of all sizes, shapes,fangs with yellow eyes emitting sulfurous vapors and sharp talons.Holding your head, clutching your legs, penetrating their claws into your skull! With all the NEGATIVE thoughts in the world!

Angels glimmering like white comets, with huge shimmering wings that swirled and burned like lightning,with flashing swords, moving like the wind, prayer warriors, watch carer of God's people.Yewwwww

Whose side am I?

Lavee said...

Hey, you have a beautiful imagination....angels with silvery wings raising silvery swords at the Lord's behest to protect you and me? Wat an awesome picture that is!

And me, I'm certainly on the goody goody theory atleast..LOL!