Friday, August 8, 2008

Lesson from Mr.Moon.

Fresh red plump tomatoes( in vegetable shop), bunch of flowers on trees( they look as if they laugh), single flower ( looks like smiling), Swaying trees( trees of the field clapping their hands), the drizzle on the face, the breeze against your hair and yr face( as you ride a vehicle) ..and all time favorite is the moon..half moon, the smiley moon, full moon.

So, this was one of those moon days. After a long day in office, started home late. That's when I spotted the moon. It was extra bright.white. Full, and almost bulging out from the sky. Just beautiful. Unable to contain it, I called one of my friend in prev company, to check it out. Bearing my pestering, he left his desk, to climb upstairs to check the sky. But lo, he couldn't spot it. We were, say 20 kms apart. When I could see the moon in a clear sky. There it was too clouded, and the moon was behind the dark clouds. Strange.Same moon, same city.

Learnt a lesson that day. Situation could be same. But perspective might/could differ. A fact. Got to accept it. Honor it. Agree to it.

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