Friday, August 8, 2008

Seize the moment!

You can see it only in the open, and not in the city. The vast sky. In Mahindra City where I work, you have ample space. Every evening, the dusk brings a beautiful painting across the skies.

I bet, there's an angel appointed by God, whose job is to just paint the sky, blue, red, orange, pink and what not. The brush strokes are visible. But the catch is, they last for under a minute. If you don't see it, u have missed it forever. The evening sky changes every second that, it is breathtaking and you could just look at it in awe.

Oh yeah, I've wondered, that on one fine day, the angel will go on a strike, saying, that nobody watches his painting! How plain the sky would be then!! So, now I ensure that I look up, thank God for the painting he arranges every day, to just make my day!

I often, compare the present with the past or the future, for which a good friend reprimands, saying live the moment. "Just live the moment, dont let it go by to regret that later! " .
If you don't live it, u have missed it forever.


Beulah Evelyn said...

May be we should click a image of angel's painting for us to keep forever :) said...


Will soon get you one.....