Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Candy desk !

I was new to the city, the team at work, the working environment, the people, not to mention the culture, the lifestyle, the weather, the food, the way people dress up and so much more. I was feeling lonely.

That's when the Candy did the trick. Right across my desk, was a table with 2 glass jars and a huge tray filled with colorful candies. No matter, how hard I tried, I couldn't find out how it got there and who ate it all. The tray was full and overflowing in the morning, and empty in the evening.

Unable to hold it any longer, I asked Therese, whose desk is across mine, about this. It was for everyone. So, that became my habit. I pick one new variety a day and that would be handful! ;) Boy, they are so delicious. It might sound weird, but there have been days, when I get up from bed in the morning, and hate going to work. That's when I remember the candy desk, and the exciting new flavours and taste. and then I get all pumped up to go to work!! :)

Talk about hope! Something to look forward to ;) God bless Therese for her love for SCIites. Every day, every week, all through the year. Drop in, to 1919 3rd floor. She won't fail you!

Btw, I had to come to terms with this. This is hope. Not expectations.