Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Fit!

For all those Engineering graduates, this must ring a bell. First year of College, we have a class on 'Carpentry' which includes Metal filing as well. Remember the joints? The dove tail joint, Tee joint, Mortise tenon joint? Well if you chip away a 1-2 mm wood off the measurement, you'll have to do away with it, and start all over. Same with filing a metal.

I never understood why we had to hammer a wooden block or file a metal to perfection as an Engineer, but it was the only breather class and we did have fun inspite the bruises, cuts, bleeding we acquired during that hour.

Well after all these years, I understood the meaning, over a cup of coffee with a good friend this morning. She was chatting about finding the life partner, and this is what she said, 'its not what you want, or what the other person wants, but what God wants." Till then you will be chipped off, filed to make the perfect best fit.

Isn't it strange, that Jesus chose carpentry as his profession?!!

".. Isn't this the carpenter?.. " Mark 6:3

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Kingsly said...

Beautiful! Only the Greatest carpenter can bring us to the right shape. He is Still Working on me!!
Thanks for the post!