Monday, August 24, 2009

Unless you become like...

I walked into our living room after a good afternoon nap. My eyes popped out. The room was in absolute mess! The newspaper was strewn all over the room. Books, wires, balls, toys, the chairs toppled over and in the opposite corners. It looked like a whirlwind had swept right across the room.
I turned around to see a bundle of dynamite running toward me. Yep, it is our 15mth old superman, Adam. Everything reachable to his height, and more were in danger. He can climb chairs, and pull mixee, laptop, telephone, books, bottles. Anything accessible. I stopped rearranging things after 2 minutes, realising it was a futile effort. I fell into our couch completely drained after running around for 10 minutes with him. He looked at me with a look that could be intepreted 'You got tired?? ' Huh! where does he get that much energy?

There's my other 'terror' nephew, Kevin, a 4 year old, and hyperactive kid. He's tall for his age, and so lean, that when jumps into your lap, his bones poke you real hard. His prayers are admirable. He starts 'Thank you Jesus, we went for shopping today. Dad got me a toy car, we all had chicken,..' and goes on to say the entire day events, and ends with 'God bless Mommy, God bless daddy, and so on'. I can't resist opening my eyes when he prays. He's so expressive and beautiful with all the minute details.

Am planning to keep this blog open, to write all they do ;)

My brother's family had gone on an vacation to a hill station. They had hired Toyota INNOVA, and were going up the winding roads, when suddenly Kevin perked up, asked aloud, " So is this Noah thatha's car? " ( Thatha- Grand dad) It took couple of minutes for my bro to understand, what he meant. When they had talked abt Innova, he had imagined it was Noah from the Bible, and that this was his car! The way kids relate everything! Guess I've got lot of things to learn!

Another time, my brother had gone for shopping with Kevin. Kevin eyed a toy and was pestering my bro to buy it. My bro had said, ' I don't have enough money for this' and whisked him away. Later that night, during family prayer, Kevin's prayers went this way. He thanked Jesus, and told the entire day events and ended with, Jesus, give dad enough money. Amen. Next morning, at office my bro was amazed to see an email sitting on his inbox talking about Bonus for him! Two weeks earlier, the entire company, had received a circular saying that due to economic depression, there will be no promotions, bonus, overtimes for the next one year. God loves kids?

This is funnier! My bro's family were travelling to India the next day. The kids were so excited and that night during family prayer with all the energy Kevin goes 'Thank you Jesus,......' We are all going to Chennai. Are you coming too?" Here he had paused briefly, as in a telephonic conversation, and then said 'Okay. God bless Mommy.... Amen' I don't know if he heard back, or what was in his mind, coz no one had taught him to pray that way ( except for my bro telling him, prayer is to talk what he wud to his dad)


Kingsly said...

Lots to learn from Kids...
watch them and Blog them :)

little Denny said...

Hey.... Admirable kids... God bless kevin and Adam.