Sunday, January 24, 2010


Apart from the shock of seeing a well planned cold blooded murder, by a known very ' righteous' man , it was amazing to see it recorded blatantly in the Bible. Uriah and David. Though being a king, who has right to kill anyone, anytime, the incident was not hidden, not justified. Not excused.

Well, reading it I felt bad for Uriah. Here was a dedicated guy, who says he wont go home, when the army and the tabernacle is out in the battle. One who obeys immediately and even carries his own death sentence!! Wuf... David repented, that's true, but Uriah dint know that. What if David meets Uriah(In heaven). How would he explain himself?

It will be utter chaos in heaven, if one is not reconciled, even if he repents. Reconciliation to the one, to whom we had done wrong. Apologising, accepting and setting our relationships right is as important as repenting to God. David dint get a chance. Do you?

2 Samuel 11

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