Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lifted up!

'Lord, I lift your name on high.... '
'We wanna see Jesus lifted high... '
Cast your burdens... Higher higher... lift Jesus higher..'

Lifting hands, and standing on toes for these action songs at Sunday school, may be got me the idea, that lifting was lifting up high above. So 'lift your name on high..' is that lifting up in sky? or 'We wanna see Jesus lifted up!' was it up the cross?? What did really mean?

Last Sunday when we were singing some lifting up songs, i kinda stopped abruptly. Here was a God, who created the heavens ( including all galaxies, stars, nebeulas, the powerful sun, the cooling moon) the earth, powerful volcanoes, the lightning, the thunder, the awesome waterfalls, the animals, from tall giraffes, teeny ant, huge whales and tiny tadpoles, the lil sparrows and the huge eagles, the pretty rose bush, to the giant oak trees, the lil womb, to huge heavy weight champions, the complex innovative brain, the complex nervous system, whew how great, how great is thou art!

An awesome, amazing God, and he says, he lives in you and me! Inside me! How crazy is that.

Now that being the case, as I get up snoozing my alarm dozen times, fix my hair, breakfast, and rush to work, and check my mails more than a dozen time( or more)in 5 mins, eat n do my own mundane stuff, where is the power of Him inside me? Half the time I am oblivious of the fact, that he is within me. Oh yes, I go to him for any hue and cry at work, family, or my health ( say as silly as seeing a bunch of white hairs!) How funny?!

You won't believe, how many people know that my dad is coming here. They say it is written all over my face, as I am beeming and oh yes downright excited!

But how much of excitement, should I really have in having the all powerful God WITHIN me? Talk about limiting him! I hardly do a thing to lift him up above my daily chores. Ofcourse I pray, read my bible, but that's still limiting him. Imagine, I have him, who has the power to heal, to forgive, to care and love unconditionaly. And ofcourse I have my stupid self, that ALWAYS thinks abt me, me and me alone all the time. As I say, I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection. How much do I really know?? or the fellowship of the sufferings, becoming like him in his death! Hardly. The sacrifice he did, denying his power, or the humility he wore and the life he lived.

Well, back to lifting up, I think its high time I put him above all things in my daily life. Boy, he says its a holy temple! Wuf! I need to give him the due. Lifting him up above me. Above my self, my decisions, my finances, my desires, my thoughts, my expectations, my past, my present and my future. He is the all, my all in all, let me stop singing, and start living.

phil 3:8

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