Sunday, October 23, 2011

5-6 hrs!

If you had 5-6 hrs of electricity per day, how would it be? Can you imagine? No lights, no fans, no ac, no fridge, no mixie, no microwave. Nothing. Electricity only for 5-6 hrs the whole day!?

My bro had been to Jharkand last week where he had been to remote villages, which had no electic posts. No roads. No lights. No hotels. My jaw was wide open, does such land exist, in 21st century?

They had driven for 40kms where there were no roads. No buses. The public transport are vans which can carry 8-10 people, but transport 60-70 people. The ones on the roof have half ticket price. Most of the people, walk. Praveen said, never ask the localites for directions. They point directions as if it is a 1 km walk which usualy is 30 kms away. Without a map, and uneven dirt roads, they had a once in a lifetime experience, living like the localites. He said, he dint see a single person with a big belly. Not one. The people eat once a day. The eat rice.They eat lot of rice. ( 3 times the quantity that we eat)

In every village they go, they were warmly welcomed by pretty girls. They garland the visitors and wash their tired feet, with water. They live in bamboo huts, 1 room is clean, the other is a messy, as it has their wealth- cow, goat, chicken, pigs. They sleep, eat and live next to them.

Mosquitoes are the enemy- causing deadly cerebral malaria. My bro had to take medicines 3 week before and after, the 5 day trip. But I wonder how the people there live, survive, exist. Especially missionaries, who has seen the other side of the world and yet are committed and dedicated to help and improve those people' lives.

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