Monday, October 3, 2011


A friend asked me if it was mandatory for Christians to read the bible and go to church on Sundays. I said, no and no. Its just that it is not meant as a ritual, but as a relationship. With someone you love. I told her how God refers the relationship as 'First Love' and expects to love, think/dream about, trying to please, spend more time, talk about anything and everything and give yourself completely without hiding anything. It is not out of fear, but of love the relationship strengthens.

I also told her, how incidentally that God refers to himself as a 'Bridegroom' and refers us his loving bride. He cherishes, loves, protects, and cares for us as a bridegroom would do a bride. I told her that its not that God resides in the Church, for he himself dwells in us, and says that we are the temple of God. The Holy God dwells in us, and how the 2 become one! The mortal sinful body, containing the all powerful God- because of what Christ did for us! Isn’t that amazing. I told her that we go to church for the fellowship with fellow believers.

I ended, wondering how I was able to believe and practice this tough concept but have difficulty to wrap my mind around this concept in real marriage! My pastor said, ‘Know that marriage is an outward expression of the inner works of God in your life’ and that means, all the things I learnt about forgiveness, love, kindness, gentleness, anger, selfishness, so far in my life, - the inner works of what God did to clean me in my life-the ultimate being/test is in marriage. Love in action, Forgiveness in action, gentleness in action, kindness in action. Patience in action, kindness in words! No wonder marriage is so very complex and difficult. Who says, go get married? My warning, to all those singles, you are getting into a jam. Dare if you like to be jammed. The REAL test. :)

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