Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The struggle within

This could be a bitter truth. But don’t I love bitterguard? :)

Its not just in corporate life, but in school and college life, girls/boys, men and women are dealt equally. In studies, in career, in sports, in every area of life, you see women on par with men. They compete, grow, and thrive togethar. Growing up with a house full of boys, or among friends, cousins or team, I never felt any different.

So, after marriage, I was in for a rude shock. When it dawned that I had to cook 3 times a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, and do all the household stuff with a smile, you can imagine the grumpy Meulah. The 'why me' factor set in, the world seemed unfair and the rebellious Meulah rose up.

Perplexed of how complex life could get, I get to read a book, which said clearly that marriage is definitely NOT a 50-50 proportion. I couldn't take 'man was not made for woman, but woman was made for man.' I corinthians 11:9 until I learnt the power of submission.
In this wide, wide, world, Order, Hierarchy, authority, harmony, boundary that we see in nature, creatures- trees, animals, birds,insects,leaves, music, orchestra,dance and in almost everything keeps the balance. Without which it would be a mess. This balance that we see is quite reassuring, that Everything is under God's supreme control and plan.

There is an order, a divine order, a boundary, lines are drawn - not by my husband, but by God himself. A sailboat in the rough seas, could survive the trip, if it obeyed the laws of sailing. If it fought against the wind, water and the storm, it sure will be broken beyond repair. But if it takes to herself the power of the tide and wind, they become it's own! She sails swiftly and beautifully. She is built for that and that defines her freedom - a choice, a discipline that doesn't stifle but gives power and beauty. Submission is not being a doormat, but accepting the divine order in obeying, respecting the man over me, which will help the boat sail smoothy following the rules of sailing (for which it was built ) instead of fighting against the rough seas. Obedience is no more a sign of weakness/ captivity than it was in Christ when he laid down his life for us- sinners.

Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. Ephesians 5:22.
Ladies, read 'Let me be a woman' - Elisabeth Elliot. It did good to me! Thanks to my dear friend who gave it to me. Apt time!


Sharon Preeti said...

Great lesson, Beulah!! Submission is powerful, indeed (Phil 2:5-8). This is something I've learnt: "Meekness is not weakness." In fact, it takes God's strength! God bless.... Keep writing :)

Jerritta said...

Very true. This struggle strikes all when we get married. We get not only bored and irritated to cook 3 times a day, but many other things in managing home as well.
By centering our marriages in the love of Christ and thinking about His love that overpowered all our sins and weakness, we will be able to obey Him without grumbling!! :)