Sunday, July 29, 2012


I don't remember who, but some one said, that I had a 'wonderful way while growing up!' Looking back, I see how true it is.

Having such wonderful parents, I had such a gift that I need to thank God daily for. Mom was never in a bad mood. I have never seen her angry at dad. ( I wish she was there to teach me how!) She always had a smile for everyone. She voiced her thoughts easily ( Guess I got that in me :P) She was talented, wise, and patient.

I have the best dad too! Strongly rooted in Christ, he has taught me by his life and his words. The family prayer time, has been the blessed time I had ever known since childhood. I can safely say, that I got saved in living room, years ago, as a kid. His daily dosage of mission stories, anecdote, his childhood stories, has laid a strong foundation in Christ. To know, that Dad is calm amidst the storm, is so reassuring and sometimes, very unnerving!  

I have wonderful brothers, to fight, to argue, to discuss, to blame, to admire, to be proud of, to punch and to get punched.  

I thank God for an amazing, exciting, beautiful, too wonderful childhood! 

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