Sunday, July 29, 2012

Be at it, Beat it !!

I was a voracious reader then. Ready to devour any books I can lay my hands on. I had a friend at school, and she always beat me reading any novel.  I must have been in Class 8, when our neighbor lent me the book by Norman Vincent Peale. The power of positive thinking. I guess that paved a good foundation in my childhood.
So when I heard it again at office last week, I was intrigued. Be at it, Beat it. It was a session by a Police officer. I was all ears.  So what did he say?
Breathe in positive and breathe out the negative.  You can't keep seeding, but have to do the weeding.  Only positive cannot survive for long, but the conscious effort of removing the negative, must be at work, to effectively live.
It was quite interesting.  He gave the acronym All time Meditation for ATM, and asked us to practice in anyway the VAKUM - Visual,Audio,Kinethetics,Understanding,Modeling.

He also talked about how our soceity has built its foundation on SPI - Substance, Performance and Image, whereas it should be IPS, making your foundation on belief, character, attitude and then comes Performance ( skill) and then the Substance( Money etc). That leads to "Be more, Do more, have more. "

and so here's some of the tantra. 

Be calm, Beat Anger
Be strong, beat weakness.
Be joyful, beat sorrow.
Be successful, beat failure
Be selfcontrolled, beat smoking.

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