Sunday, July 29, 2012

I love my mommy!

My mom was my best friend. She knew all about me, and we talked, laughed, and discussed about everything under the sun.   But now I realize, we dint talk about many things. Now I have a list of questions to ask, had she been around, I would have bombarded her with my queries.  I wonder how she would have answered. Her point of view. What she thought about things.  How she handled, reacted to situations.  What she would warn me about. What her guidance would be..

Looking back, I realize she has taught me a lot. She taught me to smile always. To be positive and trusting God in each and every situation.  She taught me to forgive people instantly and forget the bad things. Not to make fun of anyone. To be happy in any situation. To respect others.  To be honest. To enjoy each other fully.  And I take great pride, when people tell me, that I resemble my mom. Isn't that something?

But will I be a good one like my mother? I seriously doubt.  I hope and pray that God helps me to be one! 

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