Thursday, January 17, 2013

oh when?

December baby or January Baby? Boy or a girl? Christmas release or New year release? 2012 or 2013?Each day, there had been lot of anticipation... Phone calls coming in, were not to wish for Christmas or new year, but to find out how I was doing, and if the baby is born yet.
The last week of December 2012, were more anxiety packed. Friends and family made sure,they called regularly to get baby update.  My mom's friends called daily. My aunts called.  I know, most of my friends remembered and prayed.
How did I feel? I was happy to carry her around in my belly. More safe and comfortable, I had got myself to.  I did want to see the baby, but I did wonder, if I will be able to go to church on Christmas or New Year- both of which I did! :)
and so she waited. Waited to be January baby. Waited to be 2012. A beautiful girl! Thank you Lord!

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