Thursday, June 26, 2008


To my orkut profile's "Inspite of everything, I still believe people are good at heart", a dear friend scraped, saying, 'You are bound for great disappointments then'. I had replied saying 'Expectations results in disappoinment, I don't expect them to be good, I know they are good'.

But at times, I do expect my family to be more understanding, my friends to be more caring, my team to be more responsible. I have an imaginary standard set, and when people fall short of it, I get all upset!

And as I was walking from home this morning, I realised how wonderful our God is! He is the only one who accepts as we are. Without any expectation. Then it struck me that the opposite of 'expecting' is not 'not expecting' but 'accepting' as they are.

Accepting them as they are, with tantrums, with disagreements, with mistakes and all shortcomings.We are called to be like Him, in loving, caring, understanding and helping each other. We are called to be as 'true friend' to people around us as He's to us.

Oh, this is difficult, if the first step, of seeing the good in them-as God's image is not achieved.

Eph5:1 Be imitators of God.


Beulah Evelyn said...

Lady, you are too close to the GAS theory of managing stress....Expectations always creates anxiety (be it positive or negative)...Now there is a resistance to the change of the outcomes of expectations but the cycle always ends in acceptance...

We as human beings cannot Zero down in Not expecting anything from anyone or accepting any situations as it comes….but it’s wiser to speed up the frequency of the process….I sound like a Theorist don’t I ?

Good Thought provoking post, Lady….

Nebeula said...

I agree. Its never easy. But I've tried practising it. And it helps. It is better Not to expect at the initial stage. Saves a lot of disappointments and discouragements. Its just the mind set. We have been tuned to expect and it is our self. Its a struggle and then it comes easy with the Lord's help.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is tough to practice. Am not perfect but thinking for a moment about what would Jesus do in that particular situation (not only in a particular situation but in everything that we do) helps a lot.

Nice post ma'am....