Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Curse.

At church today, I saw a 3 year old kid, falling on him mom, hugging and kissing her left, right and center. It was so beautiful. But I wonder, after 20 years, will he sit by her, will he atleast hold her hands? Weird..

Oct 1st was Elder's day, and our church message revolved around that. HONOUR them, LEARN from them, and KEEP them happy. I learnt that it was a curse, not to have an elderly person at home! ( 1 Samuel 2: 31 ) Weird!

I guess parents are the only ones on earth we take for most granted. Their unconditional love. But it includes our aunts, uncles, in-laws as well. Weird.

I know many good friends, who stay far from home. They cook so well now, that they can entertain their friends with a feast! But have they ever entered kitchen, and helped their mamma? I also have friends, who have quit their job, to take care of their parents.

Elders sure turn into babies. They cant walk much, talk much, eat much,see or hear much. They cannot be still, neither can they understand us nor our world.Weird.

May God open our eyes, to see the value of our elders in our life. Lets HONOR them. Lets cherish them.

Exodus 20:12 'Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you '


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Oh! i didnt know that. thanks

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