Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 in 1

Am 2 in 1 now. As funny and weird, it may sound, it feels too good to be true. But its true. Praise God, for isn't that amazing - an absolute miracle?!

  The 2 become 1 in marriage, but more than that I feel it literally holds good, when you have a baby inside you. A new life, a new being forming, growing inside of you!

I can't button any of my shirts. None of my pants fit.  I am bulging even in my oversized old clothes. My cheeks are like doughnuts. I am round in shape. It has just been 4 months and already none of my clothes fit me.

Now I know, why/how mothers get over protective of their kids. It starts from the belly. You take extra care in walking. No running.  You are careful not to hit any sharp objects. Too careful, while crossing the road. Cautious while eating. No bending. No sudden moves. Even while sleeping!

But I think, it is pretty easy carrying baby inside of you. Rather than outside.  You take him/her to work, to the shop,  almost everywhere. No need to feed, clean or make him/her sleep.  He/she is within you!

and today of all my birthdays, I feel extra special. Coz I am 2 in 1.  I can never be like this again. Atleast not with this baby :) my bro's wish makes me smile. '(Wishing you happiest BIRTHDAY! It is a great one as you are going to be mother as well as creating birthdays for new creation )'

And you know what? You can't see the baby now. Nor do I feel the baby yet. Not yet. But I know, he/she is inside of me. And this reminds me of my faith in God.  I don't feel him too. But I know that He is within me.  He teaches me, loves me, protects me, corrects me and understands me!

God's Spirit dwells in you 1 Corinthians 3:16
Christ is in you Romans 8:10
Christ in you Colossians 1:27

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Israel said...

Congratulations Beul! 2 in 1 is interesting :) Amazing to see the Gods hand in the beauty of a new life!