Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Amy and her dress mania.

Amy loves colorful clothes. The moment she wears a brand new dress, she runs to the mirror and turns left and right, with a smile. She giggles so beautiful and she loves to kiss her reflection on the mirror. She loves to stand on the bed, with a towel and I guess she imagines it to be a pretty dress or a saree, and sways left and right.

It was bed time, one night, and I tried to get the towel off from her had, and she started crying.. So I let her play with it. And play she did, for almost 30 minutes. She swayed here and there, she stumbled and fell , giggled and got back up with towel. I was sleepy, athai was sleepy, but my little girl was all pumped up to play with an old towel!

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