Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Amy can walk!

Amy loved the red baby walker. She used it since 6 mths…. But lately in her 11th mth onward, we regularly used it. She loves sliding from one end of the room to the other. She goes in such speed, it was more like running. We had to be careful around the walker, as she will rush and hit yr feet with a thud.

Few weeks before her first bday.. and I think it was Dec 14th she tried to put her first steps.. We were at dad’s place, and she wanted to walk on the carpet in the living room. She kept few steps, and then had to hold on to us, or she will fall. She was little better before her bday, and on her bday, she started walking around!

Her plump thighs and legs are so cute to watch, as she wobbles around. She loves the squeaky shoes that I got her and knows to search and bring it, to wear it. It’s a joy to see her walking and running around. She understands so well.

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