Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Amy episode..

Amy walks, runs, climbs, and ofcourse babbles few words.. She can say ’switchon/switch off’ as she presses the light switches. She says ‘catch’, ‘throw’, ‘ball’. She can say ‘patti’- it was poppy for some time! She can clearly say ‘thatha’, ‘mama’, ‘appa’,’amma’,’mma’.
She does have a temper, that throws things that she sees. All babies do they say. She can tear papers, books. She can bite.. She is a piranha! She can bite and pull the skin. .She bites anywhere, shoulders, fingers, ankle, toes, skins in the arm, knee, skin in the waist – just anything! Poor athai, bears the brunt.

She doesn’t like me using the laptop, or the phone, so when she does get a chance, she pushes or throws them out. She promptly gets a beating- however small, so this was another evening. I was back from work, and she had my phone in her hand. For some reason, she threw it down on the floor. I was angry,at the way she threw it. So I asked, her to pick it up and give it back, I also told her to put her hand out so that I can whack it. With all innocence, and fear, she looked at me puppy face, and I asked her, with my hands raised – ‘how many times have I told you not to throw the phone’. Amy did something, that I can’t forget. She looked at me and then at my hand. She took her extended hand, and slowly raised it to match mine- ( in the position of a hi-fi). It took me a sec to realize, what she did, and I doubled up laughing!

She’s such a cutie pie!

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