Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NA Shockers.

While I travelled to US, my friend at work gave me a contact- though she lived in another state. I noted it down, and added her as a friend.. Later a very close friend of mine called me, and we chatted as old days, and we wondered why not call regularly to pray.. And then God gave the idea of conference call. A quick search on google provided free conference numbers. The only hitch was the different time zone. I collected the girls from our fellowship ( very less then), to connect at 9.30 PM CST, everyday. Some couldn’t connect, and Priscilla used to connect from her cell phone. I was quite lonely then, and my only highlight of the evening would be these conference calls. We were bunch of strangers- as few girls, were friend’s friend. We quickly had become close friends- as we started being accountable for what we prayed for, what we did, and well, what we ate, and how we spent the weekend. It was fun.

Once I came back to India, I had the fellowship of my friends at work, but still encouraged the few ones back in US. They are not that regular, but there is a fb group for them still. Often, when I look at it, I see how the energy had dwindled and feel sad. But now I realize, God uses certain things for a season, and we need to honor that.

We had a women’s day special Medical camp set up at work. I was sitting there, waiting, when I spotted Jansi walking out. I stood up, smiled, and asked how are you, aren’t you… Jansi!? I surprised myself as I got the name correct. The rest of the things fell back into my memory,and I asked, weren’t you in Wipro? How do I know you. And then I realized, I had never seen her before face to face. We were fb friends- through ‘NA shockers’ and I never knew she was back in India, and that too in Infosys! Wow! IT was such a surprise!

It was a PM’s meet, in the 10th floor at B7 building. I was there early, and no one had come. So sat on a sofa opposite to the elevator., and was like an usher, directing and informing the folks coming out of the elevator, about the location of the room, and that the meeting had not started. Some sat with me in the sofa, and we introduced each other. She was Deepa. The name is a common name it dint ring any bell. After a few minutes, the meeting started, and my new found friend, tells me that my name was familiar, and that if I was part of fellowship. I said yes and was glad to meet a rocker. But still she seemed to dig deep, and we finaly realized that she was Priscilla’s friend who had joined in the 9.30 calls, back when I was in Houston. 3 years back! What a surprise! I praise God for using each other to build one another. Praise be to his name alone!

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