Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Amy at Ryan’s bday.

Ryan my cousin’s son was turning 4, and had invited us over for the bday. The big day was approaching, and I was so eager to see the kids together. I was sure my other cousin’s kid 18 days younger to Amy, would be there, so would my other cousin’s 3.5 yr old daughter.. So more than the kids, I was eager to see them all together and have fun..

We were at my dad’s place, for a week- as a result of our babysitter getting sick. My earlier plan to go shopping for the bday boy over the weekend went for a toss. The week went pretty busy and fast, that I had no time to step out. On the day of bday, was when I could get some coloring book and activity book for Ryan, board books for the girls, and my long back desire of getting similar dress for the girls. By God’s grace did get 3.

We reached just in time, and as the bday cake was cut, we all rejoiced with lil Ryan. I was so happy to see a room full of family. The kids on the other hand were a disaster. They are meeting for the ‘second time’, so I should cut them some slack. But my overhyped expectation went for a toss, when all the gals were in different corners. Amy was trying to meddle with Ryan’s toys, and Ryan had boys his age to play with. Finally we decided to wear the dresses on the girls and take 1 proper picture, and boy was that hard.. the gals were like 3 ants put inside a frame. Each moved in its own direction, with its own mind.. After nearly 15 mins of pure struggle and exhaustion, we gave up.

I just hope that they become good friends once they grow up!

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