Monday, October 13, 2014

Amy's litmus test

Give Amy anything. She tests it first. If she likes it, she will do a little Amy dance. She will shake her shoulders, and body like a see-saw. And move her legs in a circle,her giggle and laughter is so sweet.

Once she holds any new thing- she immediately puts in on the ground, and slowly sits on it  If it is big, and a little hard, voila, she is on it! It is funny how careful she is, as she sits. Its even funnier, when the stuff she sits on, gives away and down she falls. If the test passes, she smiles beautifully.

I wish I do that too… I mean not sit on it, but as my friend Carol said, check if God approves it, and then do it. Even if it is as silly as buying a pencil!

I think I should name this blog ‘the pencil test’!

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