Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weeee Weee Weeds!

Does anyone plant weeds in their own garden? Silly isn’t it. No one with the right sense would! But a weed needs no special care or effort. It just grows.. Leave the land idle for a while, you get weeds and thorns- in no time!

But on the other hand, a garden- needs lot of effort. Watering the plants, tilling the soil, fertilizing the soil, Pruning, ensuring sufficient sunlight is available for all the plants.. and yes as mom would say it- talking to the plants too! You take conscious effort for all the above. When weeds show up, you remove it- promptly. You discipline yourself, you put effort, time, care, and heart into it.

This analogy that I read in a book, and also in the Bible, is daunting reminder- of how our lives- left to itself could mess up so bad. Weeds do show up, but if you do nothing, it could take over the entire garden. If I am not closer with the Lord, and not disciplining myself to read His word, follow the Spirit’s prompting, pray earnestly, weeds could take over no time. No doubt about it.

Can’t bask in the Lord’s blessing all the time. Can’t relax, taking the Lord’s grace for granted. I need to be on my toes. To love the Lord with all my heart, all my soul, mind and strength!

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