Sunday, October 12, 2014

No mercy

No mercy. No surrender. No retreat. No prisoners.. Now what could that be? That was the ad in a WB movie channel for the movie '300'. Oh my my.. I have seen the movie earlier.. Thanks to my memory.. i dont remember much of it except that it was violent :)

But that ad, wanted me to see it. again. The curiosity is triggered, the visuals are powerful, the words are powerful enough, to make you think for a second! Take any ad for that matter, Tvs. Mobiles, drinks. accessories, cars. Acs. Especially food!

Afforable? May be? But it creates the curiosity, longing, eagerness. For someone who was neutral earlier, after seeing the advertisement is bound to have an inclination to it.

How much of an adventure is in the Bible? PLENTY. Victories, Fall of Kingdoms. Stories. Lessons learnt. Incidents. Miracles. Twists. Climaxes. Failures. Impossible stuff. Mind blowing incidents. Unexpected endings. A paradigm shift many times over. Oh my my.. and how many devour the bible voraciously? You have so many translations of Bible. So many Apps. Audio Bible. Large print, For kids, For women. For working moms. For Men. For toddlers! and the best of translator - the Holy Spirit! Yet, I still find many of my friends, who have not even read the full bible atleast once. Why are there no advertisements?

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