Monday, October 13, 2014

Get out!

Well, I agree that it is not a nice word to teach Amy. But that just slipped my tongue, when I was telling her the Creation story.
Adam, Eve story climax – ended with the punishment of disobeying, and them being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. So I said, God said ‘Get out’.

Though I know, she doesn’t know what it means, she now says ‘get out’, whenever I ask her, ‘what did God say.’
So we begin the story, and I say what did God say, ( to create the universe) she says, with bright eyes ‘Get out, bye bye tata’. And that ends are storytime too..

But thank God, he did not let the story end there. I am so thankful of the promise he gave them- even in the curse! The power of his love, to redeem the world started way back in the garden.
How amazing is that!

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