Saturday, June 14, 2008

Black or White

I've loved this song, from school days.
"I only see things black and white, Never shades of gray...." Everytime I humm this song, it reminds me of the gray areas in my life. There can be Black or White. No gray. I am not always good. Neither am I bad. Neither the best, nor the worst. I am inbetween. Sometimes. Attimes. Oscillating.

But I am called to be 'Perfect', to be 'Excellent', to imitate Christ. Huh. Practicaly impossible in this world. My entire life will be spent in 'trying'. But what it actualy conveys is, 'not to settle for mediocrity'. To strive and be focussed. TCS induction has a video of Tata, saying 'No growth without learning'. When learning stops, growth stops too. I must learn, I would fall, get muddy all over. But what if I settle and get comfortable being muddy. That's mediocrity. The challenge is to shake off the dust, get up and move towards my goal. That's excellence.

So, here I am, trying to be more loving, forgiving, more understanding, caring, praying, in humility and servanthood. I can't remain in gray shade. I've made a choice, and am pressing on. With His help.

' More of you in my life...' . 'My heavenly father, wants me to be like Him...' 'Be Excellent in what is good' Matthew 5:48 ' perfect..' Phil 3:12 "..but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me." - me n my bro changed lyrics and sing it in a diff way.. it is a lovely song :)

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Good Choice!

Good thought.