Sunday, June 15, 2008

I hate walking!

Read that as "I used to hate walking". Not that I LOVE walking now. Just that I don't mind walking!
Since childhood, due to weak legs or what ever, I have excused myself from long walks. I declined to go to shops nearby, even in emergency. There have been times, when my bicycle had no air, or my 2 wheeler had no petrol, and the entire plans were cancelled. I just wouldn't budge.
It all changed. ONE-In Mcity, its mandatory you walk between buildings. TWO-Our road to home is being laid for the past 8 mths and has been impregnable. So I walk.As I am forced to.

But it all changed. I got a friend who loves walking. She doesn't hype about it. No air about it. But I've seen her enjoy it. Being friend, you imbibe some qualities. I guess, I am absorbing it slowly. I learnt an important lesson as well. You need not tell anyone about the Good news, the good things, or advices. You just live it. As they get close to you, they just read and imbibe the news. Just as I learn from my friend.

"Your walk talks and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks. So walk not in darkness as children of the night. Walk EVEN as Jesus walked. Walk as children of Light. "

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Yes very true.
Preaching by Living is wat we need to do.
The "Word" became Life and thats wat we have to do. Our Life must become "Words"-His Words.
Well analysed. said...

Have a look at this.

Nithu said...

Nice one :)