Sunday, June 8, 2008

Taking a dip..

Difficult people. We have them everywhere. Be it neighbours, shops, buses, office, friends, relatives, or even family! Its just difficult to adjust and we are commanded to love them. Just as we love God.

Difficult. But taking a dip helps. Yes, another visualisation. I imagine God's love as a water pool. When I encounter an irritating person, I close my nose and take a dip. Let the water cover all of me. Water wets instantly. Fills all gap. Even minute hairline gaps. Getting drowned in His love helps. And as I come out of the water as if in baptism, my outlook changes, I could see as Christ sees. With love.

"Love your enemies.. " Luke 6:27
"Do unto others what you want them to do to you " Lke 6:31.

2 comments: said...

Yes!!! Let us become HEAVY DRINKERS!!!

If any man thirst let him come to ME and DRINK. John 7:37

Nebeula said...

Though water signifies cleansing, baptism, I just thought up of a new visualisation! Honey!

Taking a dip in honey, makes u sticky, and sweeter. Fills all gap, and is not easy to remove ;o) Amazing Love!