Sunday, June 8, 2008


The past at times, is difficult to forget. Especialy when it is painful. But it is important to move on. So what do we do? We put the incident behind, and think, we are nicely placed. But what happens is, it comes back, strong as ever. Imagine, burying a person alive. He'll be pounding his casket, to come back. Even if he dies eventualy, he'll come back as ghost! That is what happens.

We need to kill and bury the past. How? Just a simple visualisation, is what I do,and it works everytime, whenever I remember any bad past. I simply nail that issue to the cross. I remember the scenes from Passion of Christ, the pain He underwent. I think of the resurrection, the victory of the grave. He did it all. For everything. Any hurt is minor, when I compare His sacrifice and love. And so I forgive. and let God bury it. Forever. Its dead. There's no sting now! :D and it can't haunt me.

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