Saturday, January 23, 2010

I hate cooking!

Just like my mom. Yes, you heard it right. The first time she ever cooked, was after marriage, when she made upuma without salt. Dad always exclaims, wonderful, marvelous to whatever you cook, and that turned her into a marvelous cook, I had ever known.

Mom cooks quick and tasty. Her idlis,sambar, chicken, putu, biriyani, paayasam.. whew they were mouth watering. I started cooking, for the love of mom. I loved to surprise her. She sure was surprised, by my burnt rice, burnt chicken, burnt milk ( oh yeah) and burnt everything. Ask my brothers, they even have a name for all my messed up food.

As I look back, its been 12 yrs of my stint with kitchen! I cook the essentials. I had resolved only to cook for mom.. But these days I cook for dad. Nothing beats the happiness you get, when you get nothing to eat( no leftovers), since it tasted so good! :) My friend says you can leave everything, anything, do anything, for the love of your life! How lovely!

Huh, now it makes me wonder, what I do for 'THE love' of my life? The least I can do is spend some quiet time every morning.. For all the things he has done for me... and to know that all he asked for was one tenth.. yickes.. that means 2.4hrs/day :(

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