Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why not?

'Why' me? 'Why' now? 'Why' cant they understand? ' Why' should I? 'Why' cant I? WHY is something that blows our mind quite often.

I heard somewhere, that whenever you feel the urge to ask Why, ask yourself Why-not?

Why-not is way too difficult. To ask ' Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated? ICorin 6:7 as in the Bible, is to fight your own self head on.

Be it money as small as 5 Bucks or 5 lakhs, or be it in any relationship - a friend, a spouse, a parent, the feeling of being wronged, cheated, used up, taken for granted, just lets the steam rise, anger overflows, hatred boils up, mouth goes foul and bitterness spreads.

The only answer to this, is to be wrapped up in Christ's love. The way he let himself get beaten up, wronged and hung on the cross. I'll go take a dip.


Paul said...

Nice! Its also good to ask "Why me" when somethin nice happens. Reminds me of the johnny cash song "Why me Lord"

Nebeula said...

Very true! But we hardly think that way then! Thanks for sharing! and yep tht was a cool song!! thanks!