Saturday, January 23, 2010

Worst case scenarios

I've made a habit of cooking it up. Say I call someone, and nobody picks up, it could either be
1. the person is not interested in talking, the person ignores my call. No return calls, or remorse for a missed call. Too busy with more important things.
2. The battery was down. or The phone was in the other room. The phone was in silent mode. There is some problem with the phone. Was in a middle of an important meeting or call.There was no signal. or worst case, the phone was stolen.

We always think. But if we train ourself to justify the other person action as in point 2, it is a sea of difference. We can apply this daily to any situations when someone is late, someone hasn't replied your emails, messages, calls, or be it someone did not return your smile, or 'good morning'. Saves a lot of disappointments.

I've practiced it for few years now, and am still learning. Couple of us go to work in car pool. My friend, whom I have known for nearly 2 yrs, is ALWAYS punctual. When I say punctual, he is dot on time. Not a minute late. For him, 1 minute late is VERY late. Being the opposite, I have learnt to be early most of the time when going with him. In all these days, only once he was late. Just once. For 30 mins. It was cold windy day. Standing in the parking lot, I lost all my nerve. I was mad. Had I put into practice my WCS theory, I could have kept my cool. Well, his boss had called and he couldn't inform he was late. But the anger that boiled inside me was so enormous and though it had a lid on it.. I don't think it was worth it. WCS theory... I guess I still have a long way to go.

Finaly it drills down to this secret. To expect from God and not on men.


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Kingsly said...

May be i ll try this too....looking at the positive sides..