Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sea of faces!

The place where I work houses nearly 9000 employees. Unfortunately, everytime I have to reach my building, I have to cross the Food Court. Lunch time can be so overwhelming. The place is so loud and overflowing, that you wish no one was there.

It is quite irritating. But these days, I just let myself loose into the crowd. The sea of faces I see all around me. Lean face, Stout face, square, oval. Bushy eyebrows, thin, scanty ones. Eyes that seek, speak, eyes that are lifeless. Long straight nose,blunt small ones. Scowling face, smiling and frowning ones or plain blank ones. Tall ones, short ones. differently abled folks. Short hair, curly and straight ones.

Such a variety of faces, and definitely distinct behavior and voices! Strange, how not one of them resemble another. All are so very different! Yet we are, so oblivious of that fact, and move around like machines, trying to avoid eachother with a straight face! Nowadays, I dont get irritated, it leaves me in awe, at how amazing we have all been created!

I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

1 comment:

Kingsly said...

Yes!! Very True...
We are his masterpieces!!
Thanks for reminding!