Sunday, February 10, 2013

Girl's instincts!

My mother in law and I were giving bath to Amy, and I took her in my hands to pat her dry, and then I realised, I have treated my doll Princess years ago, the same way.

Pat, pat, pat, talking to her, singing for her, putting powder on her and cuddling her, swaddling her with a cloth... Princess was my life sized baby doll. Amy is now my life sized real baby doll! I am not sure if mother's instinct has kicked in for me now, but I see that every girl has some girlish actions as a kid. Though I was more tom boyish, growing up with the boys, I see that somehow, somewhere there is a connection..

It is amazing to know, that fetus in the mother's womb, if it is a girl develops all the needed approx SEVEN MILLION eggs in week 20! Imagine week 20!! The boy fetus develops his things much later :P So I guess its in the blood...and it is a joy to cherish and carry around a living baby doll :) I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

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