Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some days

When I thought I got the hang of it, it all goes haywire. Amy has been acting up lately. She doesn't sleep at night.neither in the mornings. Some days she sleeps in the mornings, and is awake at night. Somedays it is viceversa. She has started to cry not just for milk, but also for sleepiness. You won't believe that she has dark circles below her eyes already! She has been cranky lately.

I have been complaining lately. Without my aunt, mother in law or my sis-in law, it has just been me round the clock. Dad and I take turns during the day. Carrying her around when she cries. At night, Sathish takes over. But it is hard for him, as he has to go for work today. So I try not to wake him up.

Everyday is different. Everyday she is different. I try to enjoy it, and try to remember, that time will soon fly, and I won't get to remember or see, or enjoy these things. So I smile, I thank God, for her, for my family. I try not to have any expectations, but take it as it comes.

Thank you Lord for your love.

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