Sunday, February 17, 2013

Her first painful cry

The moment she was born, Amy coughed and her cry was short and sweet to hear. Her cry for food, cry for attention, cry to sleep are so distinct.

But yesterday was different. She had her second vacination. The first one was on her left hand. The doctor gently put the needle under the tiny skin, it looked scary, but she cried for 5 seconds and then was ok. But not yesterday. The needle was 1 inch long, and before I realised it the doctor stuck it with force on her litte left thigh! And the scream, oh boy that was heart breaking. Her her mouth was wide open with pain, her eyes were teary, and her face was red and she cried.

The doctor gave some medicines for fever and asked to give ice pack to her thigh. We brought her home, and she refused to lay down. She clinged to my shoulders. She wouldn't go to Sathish or dad too. We gave her the medicines and tried to put her to sleep. I had her on my shoulders till 2 AM. She dozed off after that.

As she lay on my shoulders, I realized this was no play doll stuff. I had in my arms, a baby, who will face pain difficulty, and will run to me. And thereby I have on my shoulders a huge responsibility of bringing her up, molding her in Godly character and knowledge of God. She is unique with a personality, likes and dislikes, with lots of talents, energy and desire. Lord, give me the strength to carry on!

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