Tuesday, February 12, 2013


When Amy clutches yr little finger with all her 5 lil fingers.
When I put her on my shoulder, her right hand embraces my left shoulder and her right hand is either around my neck or clutches the chain i wear around my neck.
When she looks at my eyes and smiles wide.
When her tiny hand rests on my hands.
When her tiny legs stops kicking when I touch her feet.
When she starts sucking my hands in a hurry.
Her tiny squirrel eyes, look enquiringly at you at 2 AM.
When she coos and caass, and starts saying something that you are not aware of!
Her yawning.
Her smiling when bathing.
When she calms down after every feed.
When she smiles so wide after her tummy is full.

I know that these moments are fleeting, and I nor her will remember it later, but I want to cherish and I thank the Lord for each of these little moments, He has gifted me. Thank you Lord!

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