Saturday, February 2, 2013

Silky Soft

Amy has began to look straight into our eyes, and smile.  She rotates her eyes and sees the ceiling most of the time though!

I know when she flexes each muscles, and why she does that ( not 100% accurate though! ) She clenches her wrist, when she drinks milks. She grimaces when she is about to pass. Her face turns red, and her little tongue ( like that of a little bird)sticks out, but mind it, there is no sound yet. After few seconds you hear her yelp. Yes, it is not a cry, but a tiny yelp. But looking at her face, you know, she is hungry. She will put her fingers into her mouth and start sucking, she will suck anything that comes in contact with her mouth, and now you know she is really hungry!

Her tiny fingers, toes are so cute! Her skin is so soft and silky, you wish to touch and feel her skin all the time. Yes, she is stinky at times, and make my clothes wet and stinky. I smell of milk, vomit, urine and motion almost all the time.

Though I am home all day, I am the busiest and dirtiest no matter how many times I take bath. I can't be away from her. She needs me all the time.She is dependent on me! I wonder how much I am dependent on God! I bet, he is thinking of me, providing, protecting, nourishing me all the time, all these 31 years. He has been merciful and gracious! Thank you Lord Jesus!

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