Sunday, February 17, 2013


Last year- during the early weeks of pregnancy, when my friends asked who is going to help during my delivery.. I just smiled. I had no idea. December and onwards seemed far and 'unknown'.

My aunt offered to help for a month. She came on November 25th. The day we had a prayer meeting, and I reached dad's place. My sister in law came on 22nd Dec. After Amy was born, my mother in law helped for a week. My aunt decided to stay longer, and she stayed even after my sister in law left ( Jan 28th). When my aunt fell sick, and couldn't stay, my mother in law stayed to help.

Just as we had prayed, God provided. At the right time. When everyone left, and we expected an angel to drop in, there was none. But God is sufficient for us. He has provided us with strength, love and courage. And so he suffices and we praise Him for his love.

Once again, as we leap into the unknown, He has proved that He is worthy of trust. Thank you Jesus, you are so awesome! Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord our Maker

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