Friday, August 15, 2014

Every day is a miracle.

Amy sleeps by my side. If I move she moves, so all night, I sleep still. And she moves, and everytime she moves, she needs milk to go back to sleep. But mornings have always been a miracle. She sleeps and I put her in the thotil. When I lift her, often I am afraid she’ll wake up, but most times, she just goes back to sleep. To sleep like a baby.

There are other times ofcourse that she starts crying, and then me, athai or aunty sings to her to get her to sleep again. But at times she is wide awake and demands that I be with her. And God send miracle through athai- she plays so hard and gets her attention in the other bedroom. Sometimes the miracle is in the form of the duck, sometimes as cedarmont video. But everytime it is a miracle. By the time I get to office and call her up, she is busy playing and I can hear her talk non stop in the background. :)

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