Friday, August 15, 2014

Weaned Child.

The day, 26 June 2014 will mostly be forgotten. But it gains its significance with the first battle that Amy ( or me) won over. It is purely God’s grace, that I now can say she is weaned child. I have nursed her for almost 18 months. As I write 18 mths, I am awestuck, coz I never had the strength, or imagined 1. I will have a baby. 2. That I will be able to nurse for more than 6 mths. 3. I had also wondered if I will ever be able to nurse her atleast for 6 mths. There had been days, when I thought if I will have energy to do it. I had a desire to do it, and prayed that I will be able to do it atleast for a year. And God honored it. I thank God, and thank him more, for his amazing grace that held me through thick and thin.

Most of my friends, relations, told me to stop once we reached the 1 year mark. But Amy and I enjoyed it. It was a special bond that we had developed. I was excited, that I could soothe and calm her instantly. Of her tantrums, or her bruises, or any of her cries. Instant miracle. I remember there were days when she would have had a bad fall, a cut, with blood all over, and crying on the top of her voice, sobbing, and me holding and nursing her would stop all of that, in under a minute. What Magic! It was more so, when she was sick, with cold, fever or an upset stomach. She would refuse all other food, and her only intake would be b.milk.

Lately she had made it more of a habit- rather than actually getting from it. It was a miracle that we had gone on for so long. I had praying for this period for so long, and God helped us to cross over this phase. Neem oil, bitterguard paste, all made her shrink back. Even now, while in her deep sleep, she reaches for me. The other side of it, was how my body had to go through this transition. Lot of pain, discomfort, uneasiness, flowers, toor dal paste.. and finally free. Amy has slowly got used to it, and she drinks a cup of milk and eats rice at night.

And God has been teaching me a wonderful lesson too. To REST in him, knowing that He’s there for me, that HE loves me, and that He cares. Oh what peace! What Joy in midst of all storm!
Psalm 131:2 But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content.

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