Wednesday, January 30, 2013

After effects

The climax was over. Amy was born. I knew it was going to be different from on, with feeding, sleeping and changing nappies. But I wasn't ready for the after effects.

I came home on the 4th of Jan.  Our room, was nicely made. the mosquito nets were up and my sister-in-law said, I have to be here all month, no going anywhere. My antennas were up. I thought she was joking, till my aunt chiped in, and I got alarmed, when food came into this room. No going to the other room? Ask, what you need they said, and we'll get it to you. Water, towel, book or whatever. Lay down on the bed, all the time! Bed? what's wrong with you people, I almost screamed. Dad had no idea, what this all meant, so did I.

I was given extra food, extra milk, extra care. I felt good, and dint like all the fuzz, a wee bit. 2 days later, the pain started. My whole body started aching. My arms, legs, back, even fingers, and I wondered what on earth happened suddenly. I had an episitomy, and I had been on pills for first 5 days, and the 6th day, it was horrible. I couldn't sit, stand or walk, forget laying down. It was so terrible. I was angry and mad, and I asked my sil, aunt and friends, how come no one told about this pain.  They said, it would be there for a month, which got me really upset. 1 month. I couldn't stand it for 1 day. I called up the hospital, asking if anything can be done. I got the same reply. Once the sutures come off, you will be ok.  It was even worse with constipation. I prayed and wished that the stitches would come off. But it din't look like it.  My lil one also bit me off and that hurt even more.  Sleepless nights, the pain and the ache, just makes you cranky.Also I was told I should lay on my back ONLY. All the 40 weeks, I had slept on my sides, now I have to lie only on my back. Its not easy being a mother!

Its almost a month now, and as I look back, I thank God for sending my aunt and my sister-in-law, who bore with my crankiness and loves me still.  I thank God for the sutures that fell off, one by one though they were all painful.  I thank God for a lovely baby, who bears with my craziness.  I thank God for his love. I can't help wonder how my mom put up with my peeing, pooping and crying.  I thank God for her love.

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