Thursday, January 31, 2013

The doll!

My uncle got me a baby doll, when I was a kid. I named her Princess. I don't remember having many dolls, while growing up. I had another teddy bear ( from my aunt), whom I named Bobby and another little doll with long flowing blonde hair( from Dr uncle). I named her Grace.

Princess was baby sized. She had blue eyes, and white hair ( probably after I washed her ?)  She had pretty lips, and I remember carrying her all the time. making her sleep and feeding her.  She had a pacifier, which when taken from her mouth, Princess used to cry. I lost it somehow and hence we removed her battery. She was easy to carry around. She was light in weight, and she slept next to me and had her own pillow. Bobby and Grace also slept next to her.

My sister-in-law the other day, said, that I am treating Amy like a doll. Carrying, pulling or holding Amy like Princess? Well, Princess was well behaved. She never woke up in the middle of the night, she never cried. She was easy to soothe, and so easy to make her sleep. But Amy, is doll sized allright, but she is alive! Oh how nice to see her little fingers clasp my pinky. And to see her legs kicking and dancing in the air! Oh Amy is so funny! Troublesome, but cute :)

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