Saturday, January 19, 2013


Its been awhile, and I have never felt so clumsy before. When I open the door, so often, I hit my belly against it. So do I when I move my chair closer to the dining table. Oops, there is my belly and my baby.

My growing belly, comes against anything normal, and I keep felling clumsy over the edges! Getting onto the bed has been tough, and so has getting out been.  I am told that the baby is LOA one week and then she turns ROT. So I try not to turn in bed, but my whole left side aches, head, ears, neck, shoulders,arms, torso, thighs and legs. So I turn and I literaly have to hold/carry the belly and lay it on the side. I know the baby is in. Isn't it strange.. a baby inside my belly.. of all the places.. and he/she is growing.. and i can feel and see it move around..

The movements have been less, but they are there for sure! :)

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