Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Well, its almost 4 weeks since Amy came into our life and life hasn't been the same since. Its a joy to see her.  Her legs are so long, that she keeps kicking them all the time. I wonder how she remained such a good girl in my belly.  ( I felt no big kicks) But now, whichever is in contact with her feet, she kicks them off. Be it blanket or my tummy. Her movements are so quick, that she can move herself from one place to another, by just kicking her legs.
She can easily keep both her legs at 90 degree.  She can bring them upto 120 degree( near to her tummy) and can keep them there - fully stretched out. She can do gymnastics when she grows up, I guess! Her feet can be folded and tucked away neatly too. She does that often too, that's how she obviously was inside my little belly.
Her face keeps changing. Her looks, are so funny and so enjoyable! She can go from smiling, to groaning, to grumpy, and crying in a matter of seconds! She is adorable.  

Thank you Lord! Everytime, I look at her, I can't help but wonder how beautiful and amazing your handiworks are!

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