Saturday, January 19, 2013


A friend quoted her pastor saying that 3 things were unpredictable. 1. The birth of a baby, 2. The timing of a thief at night. 3. Coming of Jesus Christ.  Well, the second and third are agreeable, but I was quite taken back with the first one.  Isn't it the EDD, good enough? Not quite.  Anytime is unpredictable, with everyone's expectation on an increasing note, it is quite hard to keep myself tucked in :)

Its all upto the baby. The baby's head had turned. My belly has been its biggest size. The baby is full grown, the doctor said on Nov 30th, and she can be out anytime. But yet, the baby is determined to stay inside. Snuggle inside the dark and wait to come out.  The verse ' you took me out of my mother's womb' reminds me, that God has his own timing to bring the baby out. So we just wait.

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Beulah Evelyn said...

So True,... I'm 38 weeks now, and the only wait from week 37 seems like eternity,.... It's like when will have give birth,..... Your experiences echo is thoughts in many ways,..... :-)