Saturday, March 7, 2009

Above all...

I saw this interesting T-shirt on 2 elderly people. It was inspiring. I wanted to show that to mom. Complete strangers. To ask or not to ask for a picture! I struggled. I loitered. I sat still for nearly 15 mins. I saw them leave. Oops! you let them go! I chided myself. I saw them again. Should I? I followed the man.

The man turned around. He was surprised. He also pointed, and said, that's Justin. I was talking to the granddad of the kid, who had leukemia when he was 6. That's his journey. I am glad that I walked over to talk to him. To see the fighting spirit of a family.And that of a child.

We had just finished our 3 mile walk arranged by the Big love Cancer Care in memory of Brooke, a child who passed away due to Leukemia 2 years ago.They were raising funds for the affected children.I looked around. There were kids playing, jumping around. There were stalls, games,food,families and friends like us.

I realised, above the fun, the laughter, there was pain, fear, suffering, the struggle, the fight, battle won/ongoing/lost. What is amazing is that, I could feel love, hope and faith reigning supreme.ABOVE ALL.

God bless those kids, the families, the doctors, the nurses, and all those who were there towards that 3 things in life for those kids.

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