Thursday, March 19, 2009

Give and take!

When I hate people, they hate me back. When I am angry, people are angry. When I am irritated, people are irritated and touchy. when I am proud, people are always proud themselves.When I get mad, people are mad around me. When I backbite, people backbite at me. When I gossip, people gossip around me. It works this way ALL the time.( AND vice versa too! )

When I smile, people smile back. When I am kind, people are kind.When I am gentle, people are gentle to me. When I help others, people help me. When I am humble, people are humble themselves. When I love people, people love me back. Not applicable with most people. It sounds farfetched. But if I do it, without expectation, it WORKS! I have learnt that, that's how God treats us. ALWAYS with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And He never gives up on me!

So when I get a frown, for my smile/ a proud look, when I am humble/hatred and anger and a crude look, when I love them, its OKAY. I need to show/reflect a piece of God's unconditional love. I should smile/be gentle/be kind/be humble/love, not because I love them, but because God loves them a LOT.

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Kingsly said...

Great is His Love!!!